DOS Cybersecurity, Design and Human Behaviour Cluster Event

Dr. Nisreen Ameen and Dr. Elizabeth Quaglia are pleased to invite you to the next DOS cluster event with our Keynote Speakers, Professor Michelle Carter, and Dr. Maryam Mehrnezhaded.

Format: Virtual via Zoom. Please contact if you want to join this event.

18 February 2022 16:00 GMT

Professor Michelle Carter

Ethical Issues in the Age of Big Data’ will summarise how technological changes allowing data to be captured, transmitted, stored, and analysed at unprecedented levels have created opportunities and ethical concerns – raising questions in several areas to promote dialogue in the information systems discipline about using big data analytics responsibly.

Dr Maryam Mehrnezhad

‘Caring for Intimate Data in Fertility Technologies’ explores the privacy risks that can originate from the mismanagement and misuse of intimate data in fertility technologies, evaluating the privacy of top ‘fertility apps’ through their privacy notices and tracking practices using the GDPR framework and argue how the current practices would put users at serious risks.

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