Book Launch ‘ Research Methods for Digital Work and Organization’

Join the editors and contributors to this new book as they discuss challenges and future developments in researching digital work.

1 December 2021 16:00 – 18:00 GMT

Digital work is organizationally, interpretively, spatially and temporally complex. An array of innovative methodologies have begun to emerge to capture these activities, whether through re-purposing existing tools, devising entirely novel methods or mixing old and new. This new book, published by Oxford University Press, brings together some of these techniques in one volume as a sourcebook for management, business, organizational and work researchers pursuing projects in this field. This diverse collection of methods is illustrated through contributors’ reflexive accounts of real world research projects which outline debates in the field, confront the challenges such methods may raise and make recommendations for research practice. At the launch event, contributors will discuss the opportunities and challenges of researching digital work, address any queries from the audience and explore further methodological developments.

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